Challenge 2

I was invited to a crafting party on base this weekend!

I’m the artist currently known as… challenged. I can’t draw, paint, or “craft” very well. It keeps my money going to home improvement and decoration stores. I have countless pins saved of crafts that I would like to do someday. There’s flower filled lightbulbs, DIY centerpieces, and spray paint reupholstered furniture ideas. I would absolutely love to do these.

However, a lack of patience and know-how keep my pins on Pinterest from ever seeing the light of day. I would like to be artistic, but it never looks good to me. I’m a harsh self-critic for someone that has no experience.

Anyhoo, the party is a birthday party. It’s gonna be tacos and margaritas and military spouses oh my! I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone in my home.

Let’s get crafty!


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