Challenge 3

I would like to work out more, but I hate going to gyms. Like loathe it entirely. I worry about germs. I worry about doing exercises wrong. I get self-conscious. Most of all, I feel like craaaaaap after a workout. The whole endorphin thing is a myth to me. It’s because I’m so worked up the whole time I’m in the gym. For some people, exercise is a haven. For me, it’s pure torture. More often than not I either feel like I’m gonna throw after working out or actually throw up.

Yeah, it’s real fun.

Last month I decided, what the hell, new year new me… in July. Yep! No time is better than the present, right?

I saw an ad on Instagram for a Boot Camp at Steel Athletics. I signed up for a 6 week program that meets three times a week!

I’m in alright shape, I guess. I have no complaints. I can’t lift heavy things or open jars, but that’s what my fiancĂ© is for, right? I do feel like I could be healthier and actively working at that could only help with managing other areas of my life.

Class starts on Tuesday. Let’s hope for the best!


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