In November of last year, I took a big trip to Bali for two weeks! It was such an amazing experience!

Look at that view!

I chose to get an AirBnB in Ubud. I had a little pool, a really comfortable bed, and time to relax. Check out this pool and the view. I absolutely loved it there.

It’s volcano time!

One day I climbed a volcano at 3 a.m. I put on my game face and made it to the top. We made it up top to watch the sunrise, eat breakfast, and drink coffee. I was freezing, but the vapor from the lava was actually pretty nice.

Monkey mama and baby!

I visited the Sacred Monkey Forest which wasn’t too far from the AirBnB. I wore a bright yellow maxi dress which we found out was not a good idea. The monkeys liked pulling on my dress and climbing up it. The monkeys know they can drink from the water bottles visitors carry around. They actually try to rip them out of your hands when you’re not looking!

I also went to Gili Trawangwan to see what the “party island” was all about. That deserves a post by itself!


My idea for the vacations are nice dinners and going to a yoga practice. I also visited quite a few temples. I’m one of those history buffs. I have no idea what I’m looking at, but damn it if I’m not impressed.

This was the moment I found out they were nocturnal

So luwaks like cat-monkey things, if I understood right. They eat coffee cherries, sort of digest them, then poop them out. And then people make coffee out of the cherries they dig out of the poop. Unfortunately they’re usually caged and not treated very well. That was kinda sad. These little furry cuties are nocturnal, but they are put out for tourists to touch during the day. It’s sad.

I also took a tour to a waterfall and rice paddy. Both were amazing. The rice paddy was one of the first instances of humans figuring out irrigation systems.

Altogether Bali was such a great trip. I hope for a chance to go back. Right after Bali, I adventured to Bangkok. See pictures and more in my next post.


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  1. Ummmm what? Coffee from poop?! I would love to visit there sometime! You should definitely do a post on Bali do’s and dont’s with specifics..basically plan out my stay there! jkjk but im serious about the post

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