Jack and I also went to Bangkok after our trip to Bali.

We flew from Denpasar to Suvarnabhumi Airport at 1 a.m. We were exhausted by the time we got through Customs and everything else.

We got another AirBnB and ended up on the 42 floor in this amazing high rise condo! We had an insane view.

The view from our condo!

Our first stop there was a coffee tasting. Jack’s really into coffee. He can have several cups and take a nap. Me on the other hand… half a cup makes me feel like I could run to Mars. I think all in all, we might’ve drank two pots of coffee. He was kind of jittery, but I got really sick. I was so over caffeinated that I was not well for another day.

Floating River Market and Jack’s shoes
These poor elephants 🙁

We also went to the Floating River Market that was maybe an hour outside of Bangkok. That was… eh. We got on these boats with these suped up engines and went from stall to stall buying trinkets and stuff. A second part of the tour was going to see elephants. Jack thought it was a sanctuary, but nope. I was in tears when I saw this huge beautiful majestic animal chained and prodded with a bull hook. It was hard to participate in and we both were sad afterward.

A cool thing we visited was the Giant Leaning Buddha at Wat Pho. It was incredible! We did have to dress respectfully. I wore a long skirt and Jack wore pants. There were so many Buddhas. The temple was also filled with really playful cats.

It’s impossible to get this whole statue in a picture

Jack also picked going to see a Muy Thai fight. We ended up in this packed stadium watching dudes beat the crap out of each other with live music.

Checked off the
travel bucket list!

We did get the opportunity to hang out with our roommate Lucas and some of his team and a translator one night. We went to a packed club. Super packed. It was a wild gin soaked night. Very fun!

We liked Bali a lot more than Bangkok , just because we were a little overwhelmed in the city. It was like going to Manhattan but in Thailand. Here is the funniest part of our trip though. Ready?

Yep lmao. We were cracking up every time we saw it

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