Challenge 3 Complete

Okay this challenge is gonna be ongoing!

I started the fitness boot camp on July 2. Honestly I was terrified beforehand, because I have a pretty rudimentary knowledge of weight lifting/CrossFit type stuff. By that I mean, I have the most basic of the basics.

Pick up heavy thing + Put it down = Gains?

Run fast + Eat Less = Lose Weight?

Yup. That’s the sum of my knowledge about gyms. Hard to understand why I’m not built like Serena Williams, right?

The first session wasn’t that bad. I chose to go easy on myself to learn correct forms of exercises. My class has more than 30 participants! But a lot of folks were continuing from previous boot camps, so they were happy to show me how to do things. I got smoked by all these women who were having a great time and working hard!

1st session down.

The trainer’s name is Desiree, and she is a 100% badass. She’s also really kind and inspiring. Her class is a whole lot different than being yelled at in the military. I prefer it. It’s nice being told that you can do it, instead of being told you’re a weak piece of crap. Turns out I’m motivated by encouragement, not verbal abuse. Go figure. But that’s another talk for another day.

The next session, I decided to go with an “I’ll try my best” attitude instead of “I can’t do that” attitude. It made a mountain of a difference. Although I was still pretty anxious, because it was a loud place filled with people, I survived. I did deadlifts correctly for the first time in my life. One of the exercises was pushups, and I know I can do those well thanks to my time in the military. No knees for me! I was pretty happy about that.

I’m holding onto my arm so it doesn’t fall off.

The third session was a lot more difficult because the soreness finally set in. I struggled through everything, but something unexpected happened. I actually felt good after a workout. Yes, I felt very woozy and nauseous as usual. But it was such a rewarding feeling to have stuck with it! I took heart in the fact that I started something hard and didn’t give up!

Week 1 and done!

I’ve tried changing my diet to ease the soreness. That’s not really working out (ha!), and I’m suffering through the off days. Quite literally, everything hurts. Everything. I’ve tried yoga, a foam roller, and walking to move the lactic acid around, but no dice. Supposedly being sore is the reward, but I hate being in any kind of pain. That whole “Pain is weakness leaving the body” is not true for yours truly. The world is ending if I get a paper cut, so sore hamstrings is like being thrown into a volcano. I like being able to stand up or walk without grunting or groaning… but that’s just me. So far, I’m sleeping a lot more and walking kinda funny, but hopefully that changes as I get used to it.

But hey, I did it! On to Week 2!


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