Challenge 4

New week, new challenge! My fiancé is off-island so I have all these little projects and challenges to keep busy. So far, so good! I do miss my goofball, though.

What’s on the table for this week? A Color Run on the Naval Base for Guam’s 75th Liberation Day anniversary this weekend!

Here’s what I know:

  • It’s a 5K and the first 400 finishers get a t-shirt
  • The show time is 6 a.m.
  • I’m going to have fun!

I haven’t done a 5K since last September, so it’ll be interesting. I am not a distance runner. I prefer the exact opposite. When I was a kiddo, I loved to sprint. Feeling the air rushing by and knowing that the pain was temporary was the best! Finding a pace and sticking to it is not my strong point, but I’m going to find a good playlist and try.

This week’s challenge is about getting out of my comfort zone and braving the Black Drongos. They’re these mean little black birds that are super territorial during their nesting season. They sounds the alarm and dive right at people’s heads. Their favorite target is runners. It’s not uncommon to see runners duck and cover randomly in Guam. One of the Black Drongos favorite places to hang out is the track on base. Little assholes.

Hopefully it’ll be fine There’s safety in numbers, right? I’m ready to get colorful!


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