Challenge 5

I started my Master’s Degree in 2014. I got a class done, but life did what life does. It got hectic and busy, and I put my education on the back burner. I look around, and what do you know? 2019 is slowly turning into 2020. I’ve spent a majority of the last two years tutoring a friend in his college classes. Although I’m happy to help, I’m not gaining anything personally by giving my knowledge and time to other people. I need to use my time and skills wisely. I need to make the most of my life, and make sure that I’m doing things that benefit my growth, not just helps others.

Education’s no small thing in my family. It’s a huge deal. Both my parents have Master’s degrees. My younger brother just completed his Master’s recently. My older brother graduated with his Bachelor’s, too. I’m thinking, yeah, this is a goal that I can accomplish. It’s not a pie in the sky dream. It’s attainable, and it’s something I can plan toward.

I’ve tried to get started with school again several times through the VA. I do have certain benefits that come with service, but the four or five times I’ve tried have been fruitless. It’s always some paperwork mishap or the job position is not filled. It’s always something. It never works out. I’m one of millions that the VA has let slip through the cracks. It’s disappointing, but I’m not letting it hinder me any longer.

This time, I’m taking matters into my own hands. I’m finding an affordable program. No more excuses. I’m going to pay for it myself. When the VA gets it’s shit together (ha, as if!), I’ll use my benefit. I’m challenging myself to research schools and Master’s programs. I’m really excited! I love learning. I don’t mind writing papers or doing research. I love reading. I’m so ready to accomplish this new goal!


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