Challenge 5 Complete

I did it!

I enrolled in a Master’s program! Originally I had started an MBA when I was in the Air Force, but I’m going a different path. It wasn’t really my cup of tea. I almost started a General Business degree when I was in college at my dad’s suggestion, but I’m glad I followed my strengths and instincts instead. I started the MBA program at his suggestion again… and that’s probably why I didn’t continue with it. It wasn’t the right fit.

I enrolled in a different program with the same institution, but already have one class done! I have credits toward a Masters of Science in Leadership. I figure the skills I learn will be useful in dealing with anxiety and interacting with people. Nothing like being prepared. I’m so ready to get on with it. I’m one of those weirdos that enjoys writing papers and doing research.

I start in two weeks! I’m gonna do one class at a time for right now, because it’s what I can afford. I’m so proud of me. This summer has been everything I needed in terms of getting my life back on track.


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