Challenge 3 Revisited

I’m done with my third challenge! I did all 6 weeks of Steel Edge! I only missed one class, because of a very misguided hair decision.

Although I don’t have the measurements that Desiree took on the first and last days, I can safely say that I went from 122 pounds to 130 pounds. I’m also happy to announce that my butt finally showed up for work, after being AWOL for thirty years. I was pretty happy about that after trying on a couple of my old swimsuits. Little booty coming through!

Final class! As you can see, I am not much of a poser.

I still can’t say that I enjoy exercise. I’ve come to the conclusion that I absolutely hate it. It’s something about touching multiple surfaces and the noise level in a gym. My heart gets anxiety workouts daily, and going to a place that makes the anxiety worse, with the intention of making my heart rate faster is still not my idea of fun. I lost count of pools of sweat I sat in or laid on that weren’t mine. It was just part of the process. I never thought I’d look forward to showers so much.

I’d post progress pics, but eh… I’m not really into putting my body out there on display for Internet strangers. I was able to lifts a few pounds heavier every session though. This is probably the first time I’ve actually noticed results from doing any kind of workout. That’s pretty awesome.

Since I realized I don’t like working out, I signed up for two more classes. I don’t think I’m the best self-starter when it comes to doing things I really don’t like, especially dragging myself out of our comfortable air-conditioned home into the Guam heat and humidity. Best way to make sure I’m at the gym is by financially making sure I can’t choose to not go. My own wallet calls me on my bullshit. That’s pretty neat.

I’m pretty happy about my experience at the gym. Overall, everyone was very kind and friendly. I made some new work out buddies. I did get upset when my fiancée (that also works out there) mentioned that some dude felt the need to make a racist joke saying my dreads make me look like I’m straight out of Compton. Wellp, first of all, my hair is in Senegalese twists, not dreadlocks. Second, I’ve never been to Compton (or L.A. for that matter). Third, I guess he didn’t know he was basically saying, “Wow, she looks really ghetto,” which we all know is code for another six letter word to the man I’m going to marry. Fail on all fronts. Sadly, that’s just another day in the life of a dark-skinned black woman.

It’s disappointing to know that you can mind your business, work out and not bother anyone, but still be targeted by racism. It’s more than disappointing actually. It ruined my day, because I had gotten comfortable there. I was under the impression no one was watching our class, because they were concentrating on their own workouts. I felt safer there than I had at any gym, ever, but that evaporated in a simple sentence. But Jack assured me that dude doesn’t go there regularly. I need to just ignore other people’s ignorance at the end of the day. It’s a shame, because that came on the heels of me walking out of a Salvation Army with a stack of new books in my arms a few weeks ago. Another person felt the need to shout a slur at me while I walked to my car. I don’t go out a lot, so you can imagine my shock and frustration with something like this occurring more than once in such a short amount of time. Like I said, it’s more than disappointing.

Buuuut, one idiot aside, I’m gonna keep going to Steel. I’m gonna keep doing my thing, which is literally working out then going home and keeping to myself. It would be nice to just live in a world where people don’t automatically make the assumption that I’m from “the hood” because I have twists and dark skin. It’d be nice to live in a world where people don’t shout slurs just to be edgy and impress their friends. But that’s not the world we live in. I guess all I can really do is keep getting more swole until I’m intimidating enough to make people keep their ugly words to themselves.

Oh yeah, I should end this post with a goal for the next session. I’m gonna learn all the names of the exercises. I slacked on that this time around. Next time, I got it!


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