Challenge 6

My blog has not been getting the attention that I gave it at the beginning. But I have a great reason as to why! I just finished my Master’s class with a shiny new A as my final grade! Not bad for having a surprise vacation right in the middle of it.

Anywhoo, now that that’s done, I’m going to try and go through the VA to continue taking classes. I survive on disability, so having more than half of it go to one class was quite the gut punch financially. It may take a little longer to complete, but I’m okay with that. At least I know I can do it, and I don’t think about myself as critically anymore for not having done it.

I have to find some new goals to close out 2019. Can you believe it’s almost a new decade? 2010 seems so far away from today.

Time for a new challenge! Right now my goal is to read a few books a month, now that I have the time. My current stack of library books looks like this:

I am two-thirds of the way finished with Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book, What Happened. It’s an interesting read, and many of her candid stories about her campaign, the emails, and her family have painted her in a different light for me. I never thought she was bad or believed the hype about The Clinton Foundation, but reading her book makes her more seem more human than politician, if that makes sense.

My next goal is to pick what my next career should be. Following that? Save some money. After that? Start another book!

My hope/ goal is to start 2020 with a clear head and purpose. The last few weeks have definitely been a test because of personal things, but I feel like I passed. Here’s to carrying my goals, solutions, and lessons into the new decade.


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