Weekly Affirmations

I’m taking this category into a new direction as of this week. Although challenging myself to overcome anxiety has been rewarding, I want to test out positive affirmations as a new way to work on anxiety. Choosing to see the positive or reaffirming that the world is a kind, loving, and generous place is another way for me to calm anxiety, quiet my inner critic, and release negative thoughts and fears.

Here’s the plan:
Each week on Sunday, I’ll post the affirmation that I’m going to repeat to myself each morning. The following Saturday evening, we’ll see how it went in terms of changing my attitude and how much my anxiety was impacted. The affirmation I choose each week will make me face a phobia, anxious, or negative thought that I’ve been holding onto for my whole life.

My goal is to have a totally different outlook in a few months’ time. I’m working on unlearning negative self talk and habitually being kind and forgiving to myself and others. Wish me luck & Happy Thanksgiving!


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