I am enough – Week 3 of Short Affirmations for anxiety

Last week’s affirmation, I am open and ready to receive proved itself to be exactly what I needed. I was met with quite a few unexpected challenges throughout the week. It was enough to make me really put my affirmation to the test.

The biggest challenge was getting into a small car accident. There were no injuries, thank goodness. My car suffered some damage, and it was a daunting task to ask, “How can I look at this situation positively? There’s nothing positive about a car accident.” Eventually I stumbled upon it after pouting for fifteen minutes.

I became grateful for what I had instead of fearing what I could lose. I counted my blessings. No one was harmed. My insurance covered a tow and repairs, as well as a sweet rental car. I also had money in emergency savings to cover my deductible. My dad came to help immediately. By the time the tow truck driver came, we were giggling about two squirrels playing tag.

Having an unexpected setback didn’t ruin my day, week, or month. The old me would ruminate over how the world conspired against my happiness and growth and couldn’t let me have either. New me is like, “Wellp! It’s a challenge, but I can meet and surpass it.” I can tell that I’m actually changing, because I didn’t sprint to negative self-talk. I forced myself to see the good, and reached out to people that would encourage me. Slowly, but surely, I am letting go of thoughts and ideas that do not serve me. The war with a negative self-identity is not won yet, but I am winning each battle as they arise. Little miracles and victories!

This little affirmation also led me on a path to understanding what I needed to do concerning my relationship with my parents. That’s another post for another day.

I am enough. My weekly lock screen. Feel free do download and use this as a reminder each day.
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How are we cruising into this week? In style on the S.S. Confidence. I’m starting each morning with the phrase, “I am enough.”

I am enough for any and every challenge that presents itself. My thoughts are enough to create happiness and resilience. I am good enough and smart enough. All past experiences and mistakes make me strong enough to change. My heart is big enough to squash self-hatred and negativity. Every bit of me is enough.

My message to you?
We are enough for what we attract in life.


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