Big Books of Self-Care Set (2)


This “365- Damn, you fine!” big book is about the internal glow-up that shows externally. You’re going to level up, get your mind, body, and soul-aligned, and of course, love, accept and celebrate yourself. Did you hear that? You want more than acceptance. You want celebration! New year, new mind, new you!

Big Books of Self-Care (2)
Big Books of Self-Care (2)


Want to be powerful, self-aware, and comfortable in who you are and want to become? This right here will get you there. I created the all-encompassing journal that I needed when I hit rock bottom and lost everything I thought could depend on. Take the leap and invest in yourself. Invest in growth, healing, and positive change. Invest in a self that can’t be contained by anyone else’s standards but your own!

Each book contains inspiring quotes, gratitude exercises, mental health check-in, weekly affirmations, open letter exercises, gratitude exercises, and more! They are grouped: January-March (white cover), April -June (pink cover), July-September (blue cover), and October-December (yellow cover).

Buy two together and save! (Please specify which two you want in your order in the Order Notes of your purchase in the Billing/Shipping Information Section.)


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